• Woman's Cut - $58
    Our women’s cut includes a relaxing scalp massage, shampoo, blow dry and style. We use shears, a razor or both as cutting tools depending on your hair type and desired outcome. Styling can include curling, flat iron or a round brush blowout.

  • Wash and Style (Blowout) - $30-$45
    Our blowouts include a scalp massage and shampoo with blow dry and styling of your choice. Styling can include curling, flat iron or a round brush.

  • Bang Trim - $10
    Dry cut for bangs only (women or kids). This is a great option if you’re between haircuts or if you’re growing your hair out and don’t need a full cut.

  • Man's Cut - $41
    Our man’s cut offers precision and consistency. We use an edger (tiny clipper), scissor over comb cutting and a razor on the neck for a finished, professional look. Price includes scalp massage and shampoo. (Prefer your shampoo after cutting? Just let us know.)

  • Beard Trim - $19 or Mustache Trim - $8
    These trims offer a scissor over comb, meticulous cut for men who want precision and a consistently professional look.

  • Protein Power Shot - $20
    Our protein infusion is available as a one-minute add-on repair treatment to any woman’s cut, wash and style or color. An alternative to a regular conditioner, our power shot includes keratin to strengthen and protect hair while adding shine and silkiness.

  • Undercut - $18
    This trendy add-on to any cut or wash and style includes a razor design or shape in the occipital area of the scalp.

  • Updo - $65
    Get the look you’ve dreamed of for your wedding, prom or other special event with a professional updo! Note: We encourage clients to book a “trial run” one to two weeks prior to your event to ensure we understand and deliver what you’re expecting on your special day. Price does not include shampoo, as we find that unwashed hair provides a better hold for combs, pins, flowers, etc.

Boost your relaxation even more by adding a paraffin hand dip to any service for only $10! Just drop us a note at the time of booking and we'll get you set up.